WEBSITE DESIGN: Website design is crucial to the success of your business. Your website should deliver results, communicate with the user and be developed with a professional strategy. Imedia West is experienced in designing websites that are clean, modern, and easy to navigate. Whether you are looking for a website that is simple or elaborate, Imedia West can design a website that will make your business look successful.

MAINTENANCE: Having a great website is only the beginning to having a successful presence on the internet. If your website isn't well maintained it will become stale and unappealing. A website that isn't optimized correctly can fall deep in the search engines where no one will find your company. Imedia West is not only experienced in designing successful websites, but in optimizing and maintaining the websites as well. A modern website that is well maintained and optimized by Imedia West is your key to success.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Graphic design is at the heart of all of your business needs. Whether you need business cards, post cards, brochures or any other type of graphic services, Imedia West is fully equipped to create a professional design for your company. We're experienced in creating designs that will give your company the professional look that breeds success.

LOGOS: The logo you use for your company is your identity. If people remember your logo, they remember you. Imedia West is experienced at creating eye-catching logos. Whether you're looking for a simple logo design or something a little more involved, we're ready to design a logo that fits your company.

ADS: Imedia West knows that the design of an advertisement says more about a company than the words themselves. Since 2001 our highly skilled artists have been creating advertisements that have appeared in such publications as AmericasMart® Children's World®, Earnshaw's, Hudson's, Kidsworld, Valley Yellow Pages and Verizon. We utilize the latest software & modern design technics to meet your every advertising need. Let Imedia West be your creative solution to a more successful business.

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For information on our Web and Graphic Design Services please call 1-209-349-8004 or email

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